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Snorkel Tours

Holchan/ Shark Ray

    Snorkel Tour

It's like snorkeling in your own aquarium. Water gets 30 ft deep when closer to the channel, but most surrounding area remains shallow at 4ft deep. This trip takes 3 to 4 hours and consists of 2 stops. We pick you up from your resort dock within town. Our boat is fully equipped. Trip includes: Water, Soda, Fruit, and free pickup from nearest pier from you hotel/ resort or town.

    $75 US per person

Snorkel Anchor

Mexico Rocks

 Snorkel Tour

This site is a shallow patch Reef System located north of San Pedro. Made up of boulder like coals that rise t to the surface and clusters, and clusters of small patch reefs. It is a haven for juvenile fish which seek protection from larger predators. It has less currents and waves. This trip takes 2 to 3 hours. We pick you up from your Resort dock or nearest within town. Trip includes: Pickup, Sodas, Water, fruit, Park fees.

  $70 US per person

Caye Caulker (Full Day)

      Snorkel Tour

Enjoy a day on the island of Caye Caulker, well know as San Pedro's Sister!  Along the way you will visit Holchan, Shark Ray, Coral Garden, and Norther Channel of Caye Caulker. Manatees are present at these locations. We then head back to the island where you can see sea horses and feed huge Tarpons. You will enjoy a nice lunch on this island, followed by 2 hours of fun time on it. We promise, this trip will be the highlight of your vacation!

    $500 US/ Group of 4

Additional Pax - $$25 US

Fishing Anchor

Bacalar Chico- Snorkel

and Beach BBQ (Full Day)

This full day is one where you get to see a wide diversity of things on the Island. It is pretty much seeing and going around the Island. Going through the Lagoon, seeing the green Iguanas on the mangroves, passing through the white sandy flats where fly fishing takes place. Getting to San Juan Ranger Station, where the fisheries are, and a museum with a rich Mayan history and also Mayan artifacts that have been recovered from Chaac Balam Mayan Site. Passing through the Mayan Dugout Channel (Channel they dug to facilitate their trading routes). Spotting Manatees inside the channel surrounded by mangroves eventually leading out to the front of the island where the barrier reef is. Crystal clear water. Pretty secluded where nice snorkeling takes place at Barracuda Patch, and also along the reef. Did i mention this place is like a paradise for Anglers? It is!!! 

Some really nice fishing takes place close to the rocky point inside the reef and evenbetter outside and even better outside the reef. Those big fish get you tired while reeling them in! Conchs and Lobsters during their harvest season, we get them to enjoy our meals even more. Once we have enough to cook and make our conch ceviche, we move to the island and do our magic while you enjoy the sun, sand, and ice cold beers!

Once all is done, with calm weather, we make our way back on the front of the island, so you get to see both sides of the island. This is one experience you will love and remember for life!

Cost for boat, 5 passengers with options for more:

Full day: $750 USD


Each person as an addition will cost $100 USD

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